If you know you have trouble tolerating a particular metal, discuss your sensitivity with your piercer in advance. Avoid moles and bumps. Already have a quote?Retrieve your saved quote or application. What do you think of the answers? It may be higher at the front or back. If you got your ear lobes pierced wait 6 weeks and if you got your cartilage pierced wait 8-12 weeks. Professional piercers know what to look out for, but you are ultimately responsible for your own body. Ears heal up fast, believe me, and trying to change it after two weeks will hurt. First, use the saline solution your piercer gave you, every day, twice a day. Stung by wasp, safe to drink beer to ease the pain? Never try to change a new piercing yourself. Most people can tell their piercing has healed when there is no redness, the tissue feels normal in the area of the piercing and the normal healing discharge (crust that gathers on the jewelry) has subsided," he said. Earring bleeding after changing 2nd time. "If you have a brand new piercing, your hole can close in a few hours," Studs co-founder and CMO, Lisa Bubbers, told TODAY Style. Check with your doctor before getting pierced if you have any medical conditions such as heart problems or diabetes. Tears can get infected if not properly treated. Jewelers suggest wearing 14K yellow gold earrings consistently throughout the first year because yellow gold is more pure than most metals. To prevent bacteria from transferring from your hair to your piercings, try throwing your hair up at night - at least for the first month. Cartilage takes longer to heal & gets infected easily so it can be tricky. Always replace with 24K or 14K gold. To help speed up the healing process, Bubbers recommends wearing earrings made of implant-grade metal so your body will form a healed layer around the metal. A crooked piercing occurs when the hole is not placed directly through the earlobe. Uneven piercings because you skimped on the cost of the procedure and went to the sketchy place down the street. Yes, you can take your earrings out after 6-8 weeks if they feel ready, but don’t leave them out! With any piercing, it's important to know how to clean and care for the piercing so that it doesn't get infected or cause tissue damage. During the first year, your ears may be more sensitive, and the last thing you want is an allergic reaction. Uneven holes occur when one ear is pierced slightly higher or off to one side from the other. Always, always, always wash your hands before touching your newly pierced ears. Whenever you get a new piercing, the pros advise keeping the earring in for an extended period of time while it heals. Id leave it for at least another 2-3 weeks, i replaced mine after a week and it didnt heal properly, went all gunky and crusty. Most tears are minor and heal easily, but may lead to scarring. No peroxide, this will eat away tissue. ... (so no... you cant change it out for 3 weeks from the actual piercing date), you'll be fine..just change it within a few minutes of taking the original one out. Clean it with a q-tip, and be sure to get rid of any crusties that may form, this is the blood and plasma, it is normal, but you dont want them to get inside the piercing, start to fester, and cause an infection. If you're struggling to put earrings back in after a brief break or think your piercing might be a goner, it can feel like uncharted territory. Piercings further up the ear (especially those involving cartilage) can take several months. If that isn't possible, the piercer doing the consultation will be able to give you a good timeline as to when a safe re-piercing can occur," Saunders said. "A piercing becoming permanent, where jewelry can be removed for hours or days, is never guaranteed.". Watch TODAY All Day! This temporary accessory break is having some unintended consequences for some earring lovers. ", "By healed, we mean that the channel of the piercing (what piercers call the fistula) is intact and no longer in the healing process. And agreed, the gun can shatter the cartilage. Sterling silver is good too. but make sure your new earring is a real type of silver/gold so an infection won't occur, it might ach a little bit depending on where in your ear you pierced it..but that's pretty much it. Like uneven holes, crooked piercings are not dangerous, but may be unsightly. "In my career as a piercer, I've seen 20-year-old healed ear piercings close up over a weekend, and I've seen six-week-old cheek piercings remain out for an eight-hour work shift and then be reinserted with ease. Good luck! If you do decide to do it, make sure you clean the lobe and the earrings really well with ear care solution or hydrogen peroxide, and do it quickly. They recommend not using white gold because it may be mixed with nickel, which could possibly lead to an infection depending on your skin sensitivity. For instance: If your piercing is less than a year old, it can close in a few days, and if your piercing is several years old, it can take several weeks. For my first piercing, which was done with a gun I believe I waited for just a little under 6 weeks to switch out earrings. If scar tissue develops, have the new piercing placed slightly higher or lower than the original. If you think your piercing is closing, it's best to consult the professionals for help. How Do They Pierce Your Ears With Gauges? You’ve done your time. Post-piercing infection because your new cleaning routine lasted all of five days. Avoid moles and bumps. Particularly bad tears may require stitches. Ear piercing can be safe and simple, but there are some important guidelines to follow when you get it done. If you got your ear lobes pierced wait 6 weeks and if you got your cartilage pierced wait 8-12 weeks. If you take it out too soon the hole will close up. hbspt.cta.load(413440, 'faa1df2a-d1f9-4ed1-80b1-61c73d711ed0', {}); Policyholders of both insurers are members of Jewelers Mutual Holding Company. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Minimize your chances for uneven holes by having the piercer mark your ears with a marker before piercing them. Do not change out your jewelry for 3 weeks, this is how long it takes for a protective layer of tissue to form. //-->. The longer you wait to replace the earring the better. If you leave it out for too long it will start to close as the cut heals.
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