Crossing Boundaries

Create an unforgettable journey, opt for any tour as every tour is crafted keeping in mind your unique travel style to create an experience for a lifetime.

South East Asia lead Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China

Whether you are looking for the most mesmerising historical sites or the beautiful beaches and coral reefs, Southeast Asia is a comparatively inexpensive travel destination, known for its scenic beauty, which brings thousands of travellers who trail their way towards Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and China. You will fall in love with Southeast Asia even before you arrive there!

A delightful town that boasts of great architecture is Vietnam with attractive monuments that would keep you wandering the place all day long. Thai Capital – Bangkok, with Buddhism being the main religion, is full of temples, to name are the Wat Pho and Grand Palace. With glamorous shopping malls, do take a chill pill at the island in the Chao Phraya River. A place very well documented on television and has been shown in most Hollywood movies, is Khao Yai National park in the north of Bangkok, a UNESCO, and world heritage site.

Thai islands, a place for all the party freaks. Jungle trekkers will explore the as the rain forests in Cambodia and the best treks to Laos and Malaysia, chill out in a bamboo beach hut and enjoy the most diverse wildlife. Discover Singapore’s glorious beaches, the Sentosa Island, Night Safari, and amazing food; Indonesia, a land of Volcanoes and supreme beaches lays the open seas around Bali.

Get allured by the magic of Hong Kong and China, experience the most ancient culture with a ting of modernity, be it in food, shopping and also Asia’s most entertaining shows.

Middle East

buy waklert train Dubai & Egypt
Modern and New, Dubai is Sheer Beauty. Had been a desert, was reclaimed and built with the most amazing structures that are absolutely as grand as any of the Sheikh’s Palaces. The city is planned meticulously with attractions like Dubai Marina Walk, The Yellow boat Tour, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeriah, Ibin Battuta Mall, Old Dubai and Abra Ride, Gold and Spike Souk, Dhow Cruise, Dubai Aquarium and Mall of Emirates.

The Dubai fountains are a must watch, being the World’s largest choreographed fountain system on the Burj Khalifa Lake. For those who love thrill, Dubai has for you The Desert Safari, along with camel ride, quad biking and belly dancing. Oh yeah! You have heard it right, the magical show with delicious dinner that serves your taste buds.

Leaving aside Dubai, a place which has the most ancient remnants of Human Civilization is Egypt. It is not just the pyramids of Egypt that we’ve been reading about in History books of viewing it on Television, it’s about amazing attractions like The Oldest Muslim city – Cairo, has Cairo Citadel, for a mesmerizing view of the Giza Plateau, the Mohamed Ali Mosque, which has designs of many of the largest cathedrals of Europe.

While, the Great Pyramids and the Giza Complex still make the World’s most impressive sights, Egypt has a lot to offer. Scuba diving to Alexandria to watch the ruins of the ancient lighthouse, traveling to Abu Simbel, and sailing down the river Nile to visit the World’s oldest Monastery i.e. St. Catherine’s Monastery across the Sini Peninsula.


meclizine prescription France, Swiss, Germany, Austria, Italy
Every country is incredible, has a differentiator than the next. And when we say Europe, it’s every individuals dream come true. The continent is embraced by scenic beaches, Historical architecture, and remarkable wine and wonderful people.

The city of lights, love and magic, you would want to get lost in France. Paris, known for its glamour, fashion and lifestyle, explore the Cafes, bars and restaurants along the banks and bridges of the River Seine, the Disneyland, for the kid in every individual and even the mesmerising Eiffel Tower will blow your mind away.

Be it winter or summer, get amazed with the breathtaking views of the Swiss Apls and Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc. Mountain resorts, lakes, castles, museums, and ancient as well as modern architecture make up this beautiful place – Switzerland. The most spectacular destination is the Jungfrau region with green valleys and meadows that bewitch the eye. The Swiss national park, Geneva Lake, Mt. Pilatus, St. Gallen and the Rhine Falls are destinations which are a magnificent natural wonder.

Known as the city of Music, Vienna, capital city of Austria has the finest musicians of the world. Neighboring Switzerland, Austria is situated in the Alps known for the most picturesque. Salzburg, St Anton am Arlberg, are popularly known for activities like Skiing, Horse riding, hiking, hot springs, paragliding, kite surfing, and snowboarding.

Italy a country filled with beautiful art and gorgeous river has a powerful mark in the western cuisine and culture. Its capital city Rome is known for the historic ruins, and magnificent artwork, is also the home of the Vatican. Whereas, Venice, the city of canals, where you could wine and dine and Florence which holds the Renaissance treasures such as Michelangelo’s artwork and fine arts of other paper artisans. Along with these comes fashion capital of the World – Milan that you may not want to miss on while you wander down the tiny streets of the city.


misoprostol tablet price in india schedule Kenya & Tanzania
This tour could surpass anything you think it could be. Kenya and Tanzania being Africa’s primary destination of legendary parks, is open for all and is the ultimate East Africa Safari. The Serengeti National Park, where the movie ‘Lion King’ was shot is known as one of the best Safari’s. Besides that you could find yourself in the midst of pure water and air along the beaches on the island of Zanzibar with diving opportunities for those who would like to explore the coral reef of this island.

Not known to many, are the World’s two Stone Age sites present in Tanzania. Also, the tough ones can trek their way to the highest mountain in Africa- Mt. Killimanjaro. Make sure you mind your toe!

After exploring all of this, a day or two would be most relaxing at Lake Victoria, the largest Lake in Africa and the 2nd Fresh water Lake in the World. A home for the wild, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, and Arusha are other few destinations that consist of Africa’s predators namely the ‘Big 5’- elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion & leopard, along with other species of birds including the flamingo, reptiles and other animals which include the antelope, giraffe and buffalo. Not to be afraid of the predators, as there would be a local, commonly called the ‘Askari’ to take care of you and keep you away from unwanted predators.

A truly spectacular sight is what you would get through a Kenya and Tanzania Tour.

Indian Ocean Islands Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles & Madagascar
A dreamer, dreams about a small ship, yacht cruise and a tree house, around the beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean, which includes, the Maldives, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar.

A place not only for scuba divers and snorkelers but through technology it is made possible for all the people around the world to part take in creating a memory of the best underwater experience with Incredible underwater activities like underwater sea walk, underwater scooter adventure, submarine trip are a few to name that would allow your eyes for a splendid view of the natural corals, extravagant fish and a diverse range of life. It is also the native of most amazing wildlife – whale sharks, reef sharks, turtles and other species.

This place is perfect for a Family trip, a Honeymoon or even an individual backpacker; this place will never fail to arrest you with blue waters, steamy beaches, palm trees and complete relaxation. Each island has its own charm and qualities.